To glue the layout of a birch, take a strip of paper and twist it a flagellum. Obviate it with a thin wire and bend the ends, giving them the shape of the branches. Of green ivy or finely cut green paper to make leaves.
A narrow strip of birch bark glue spiral birch trunk and the branches paint with white paint. After the paint is dry, coat the branches with glue and sprinkle the prepared "leaves". This way you can make any deciduous tree.
To make the layout of the palm trees, take a long stick (30-35 cm), sharpened it at one end and causing a small transverse incisions. Remove from the old piece of wood bark and using a knife, peel off from the inner fibrous layer.
Cut or tear it into thin strips length of 3-4 cm. wide Take fresh pine shavings and cut them from a pattern of six large leaves, five medium leaves and five small leaves.
All the leaves color green paint. The small leaves attach brown thread at the top of the palm, and then start the circles to attach to the trunk of the remaining leaves, placing the largest in the lower tier.
Put the thread into the prepared notches in the barrel. Now wrap the trunk of the prepared pieces of bark. Install a palm tree on a stand, covered with glue and sprinkled with sand.