Use to create the layout of the newspaper computer Microsoft Publisher. Install the software on computer and run it. The user need the ability to understand the application menu, knowledge of working with fonts and colors.
Define the format of the future of the newspaper. To make the publication of solidity use the A3. However, if you do not have a printer of this size, use the A4 format.
Consider in advance the name of the newspaper, its logo and slogan. Such elements will give the publication greater weight and solidity. Charge the development of graphic experienced designer.
Open Microsoft Publisher and click "Blank publication." Right in the window layouts, select "Clean sheet". Adjust the page orientation and format. Install field. The top and bottom fields leave as is, an external set size of 2 cm, internal – 1.5 cm.
Assign by guides grids column or columns. For a sheet of A4, you will need five columns. For the larger format of the newspaper , select the number of columns empirically.
Create text blocks into columns using the text tool located on the left on the toolbar.
Open the dialog insert pages by selecting the menu items "Insert" and "Page". Set the desired number of new pages, for example, three or four.
Slide the blocks to achieve their correct position relative to the guides. To do this, select the unit by pressing ”Shift” and arrow keys to control the cursor. Move the blocks when the cursor is a four-sided arrow.
Enter the command "View" - "Two page view" for the layout. The internal pages of a future newspaper will be seen as a complete reversal. The basis of the layout of the newspaper ready.