You will need
  • Plywood
  • Foam
  • Universal adhesive
  • Paint
  • Photos or drawings of a country house and buildings on the site
  • A sharp knife
  • Jigsaw
Cut out from a sheet of plywood piece to fit your country site. Size можн6о to make it a bit more than the layout. Mark the place of the main buildings of a country house, a barn, a children's Playground. Mark where there is a pond, vegetable patch and garden. Paint part of the plot in corresponding colors — gray-blue pond, black garden, green lawn.
Make Styrofoam a country house. It is necessary at least approximately to adhere to the scale, or you simply do not fit what is on the site actually. The house can be done from cardboard and plywood, it will just be longer. Cut Styrofoam parallelepiped corresponding to the shape of the house. It can be painted and can be covered with colored paper or colored self-adhesive film, depending on what kind of house you want. Glue or draw Windows and doors. The porch can be made of foam pieces, stick them on top of each other "ladder". If the roof you have video, you can make it from a piece of plywood. The roof with the ramps cut from a piece of Styrofoam, paint or glue and stick to the house. Then glue the whole house on its territory.
In the same way make the barn and other buildings. Glue them to the base and make the beds. They are small wedges of foam, painted black. Try to keep the beds were as many as there are on the site. Glue the patch to the ground and the paths between them, you have already painted.
"Plant" the garden. Trees can be made from cardboard. Fold half a sheet of green cardboard and draw the silhouette of a tree with a trunk. At the bottom of the barrel, draw a semicircle so that the base of the trunk was the diameter of the semicircle. Cut out the tree. The trunk is coloured in brown paint or a sticker on his brown strip of paper. Glue the halves of wood, leaving not glued half circles. Allow the wood to dry and fold the half circles out. Do so few trees. They can just put on the base and can be glued where the garden.
For a nursery or Playground make a football goal or a sandbox. For this approach, for example, matchboxes that you must paste or paint and attach to the appropriate place. Sandboxed solutions can be approached and a bigger box. Just glue its bottom to the base of the layout.
Complete the construction of the fence. It can be made from pieces of Styrofoam, wooden planks or cardboard strips, depending on what kind of fence you have in the country. Once the layout is ready, beat him with a child.