Advice 1: How to make the layout of the city

The layout of the city – is the most accurate reduced copy of the city, made of different materials. Traditionally, design of buildings reduced copies of the paper and drawing paper, however, your imagination can tell you the use of other materials, sometimes the most unusual. The layout of the city can be a entertaining pastime, a beautiful development of fine motor skills of fingers for your kids, as well as the formation of their perseverance, care and accuracy.
How to make the layout of the city.
You will need
  • Paper, drawing paper, scissors, glue, map of the city (assuming that you want to create a layout of the real city).
First, make a base on which will be installed in all buildings. This can be a sheet of plywood, or a piece of cardboard that you want to paint your idea with paint.
Carefully mark the basis, draw streets, residential and administrative buildings, parks.
Run from selected material of the building, each of them observing the selected scale. The building should be performed very realistically, painting or cutting and placing Windows, balconies, doors.
Run from selected mother trees. The trees are made of paper tubes, painted brown, crown – of paper of green color, with-drawn branches and leaves.
On the road can supply several models of small cars for a more realistic look. And parks and recreation areas to place the paper swings and rides.
For an attractive appearance and sustainability of buildings in your city, carefully cut out the parts and not less carefully bond them together.
Useful advice
Before you start creating a layout, you can choose the material of which will design. In addition to traditional paper, you can use match boxes, biscuits, dominoes, pans – in short, everything that can be put on top of each other and connect with each other. Based on the selected material and design the project of the city.

Advice 2: How to make trees in the layout

The art of diorama military modeling and recreating a smaller scale picture of the fighting, well thought-out down to the last detail – is an exciting, complex and expensive Hobbies, which, however, creates spectacular paintings, admired as the owner and Creator, and other people. In the diorama to match reality not only important figures of soldiers and military equipment, but also environment – forest, field, relief, river or waterfall, and of course, trees and shrubs. How do the trees in the layouts, you'll learn from our article.
How to make trees in the layout
To manufacture their own hands the layout of the birches in the scale 72 prepare some tools: hobby knife, flat stiff brush, a thin spatula and mini hand drill.
You will also need masking tape, superglue, putty for tiles, birch branch small size, dried moss, green powder, resembling the leaves of the tree (it can be made from crushed coloured paper or a tea infuser), black and white paint for models, the swamp green paint and matte varnish.
Sharpen a knife the tip of birch twigs. Wrap a twig with masking tape in several layers. The Foundation of the future trunk wrap more layers of tape to make the thickening.
Grout for tiles, diluted in a white paint, a twig handle wrapped with tape, using trowel or brush. The grout must be diluted evenly to the texture of the trunk did not spoil the lumps. Wait until the surface is dry to the future of birch.
Dip in black paint, a thin brush and apply black spots on the trunk of a birch. Greenish paint, spread and lightly color the base of the tree.
As birch branches, use the sprigs of moss to be painted with black paint. The most branched part of the branch paint and then sprinkle with a mixture simulating the fine leaves of the tree.
Prepare in this way a set of twigs. For installation manual mini-drill to drill the barrel holes under the branches, directing the drill at an angle from top to bottom. The upper branch are, in contrast to the lower and middle, fastened perpendicularly to the trunk.
The tip prepared by the branches drip a little glue and place it in the prepared hole. Do the same with the rest of the branches, holding each of the fingers in the desired position until the glue dries.
Thus, you will have the realistic birch in scale 72. Based on this method, you will be able to make any deciduous tree.
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