First of all, you should know that to completely mask the smell of alcohol no one has yet succeeded. But if you want this smell was minimal, try to eat well. Especially anything hot, cold and greasy.
Take some dental elixir, strong tea (if you have it - an infusion of sage) and rinse your mouth. Then brush your teeth with any toothpaste.
Take some adsorbent type of activated carbon, sorbets or Politeama.
Will not prevent you from physical activity. Lungs are better ventilated, and some products of decomposition of alcohol will leave when you will perspire heavily.
Take a shower or a hot bath, and then contrasting cold shower. This method and the brain "clean", and remove the skin from the products of decomposition.
Try to use the "Antipolitsay". Doctors claim that this product has the advantages: first, the presence of components that help to absorb the smelland in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, secondly, the composition of natural products. Substance is is valid for hours. Exist in the Russian market for this purpose and the tool produced by Glister, as well as Chinese homeopathic globules, for example, "ginseng".
Please note many of the popular ways of getting rid of the smelland alcohol. This leaves and herbs that contain essential oils and Bay tea leaf, parsley, dill, celery and Basil. Longer chew these herbs. Who tried almost unanimous in the opinion that it helps, but not for long. Anyway, natural herbs contain a lot of useful items that are always useful to your body.
Can try garlic, nutmeg and walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, grains of roasted coffee, bitter chocolate.
Drink a few tablespoons of vegetable oil or strong smell heart drops, but think about the possibility of "deafening" effect of such tools on the intestines and heart. But if you want to have the smell ofand alcohol generally don't drink.