Advice 1: How to freshen breath before a kiss

A kiss is an intimate action between two people that nothing should Mar the. In particular, and bad breath. Toothbrush is not always at hand, therefore, going on a date, try to refresh your breath with improvised means.
How to freshen breath before a kiss

Candy and chewing gum

Modern industry has something to offer people who suffer from unpleasant mouth odor. Chewing gum and special candies to freshen breath are sold in almost every store. A couple of minutes and your breathing becomes enjoyable. The stores offer a wide range of tastes, but it is best to cope with the problem mint. Selecting means, don't forget about the partner. Excess menthol may be pleasant to you, but to cause discomfort in the person you plan to kiss.


Apple is not only delicious and healthy fruit, saturating the body with vitamins and eliminates the feeling of hunger. It also copes with plaque and freshens the mouth. Approaching the meeting place, parisite beforehand Apple and don't worry, when you move on to intimate communication.


Chocolate perfectly eliminates bad breath. It is best to cope with this bitter delicacy. Eat a piece of tile, and in your mouth will be only a pleasant aftertaste, which, perhaps, like to your partner.

Herbal teas

If time permits, before the meeting, and drink a Cup of green tea. Will help to get rid of smell even rinse mouth drink. Also, if you wish you can prepare a special herbal tea, which will make your breath fresh. Well struggling with the smell blackthorn, barberry and loosestrife, burdock. Selected herb should be poured with boiling water, let stand and cool. Before the date take a few seconds to rinse mouth. After this procedure, you can be confident.


Nutmeg is another useful tool that will help you quickly cope with the unpleasant mouth odor. In order to solve the problem, chew a gram and a half of nutmeg and briefly hold it in your mouth. Not only that, then you can be sure your breathing, you will have a service of the liver, heart and stomach.


Parsley is also able for a few moments to eliminate the unpleasant taste in the mouth and a characteristic odor. Eat a few sprigs of the plant – this will only take a couple of minutes, then you can safely proceed to the kissing.


In the store or pharmacy you can buy a spray for the mouth. This means not only freshens breath, but also will take care of your teeth, strengthen the enamel and protect them from decay.

Advice 2: How not to worry about before a date

Dating can be a pretty exciting event. Are you worried how it goes, whether you like the opposite sex. But sometimes feelings are unnecessary and interfere with to Express themselves.
Tune in right before a date


Prepare to hike out. Think about where better to spend it. It is necessary that the place satisfies the tastes and girls, and a young man. The confidence that the surroundings will affect your mood. Consider how best to show their best side. Determine what qualities of your character you want to show what talents to report.

Think about what topics you could cover during a visit. Knowing what you will say will give you peace of mind. Keep in mind, what kind of person you go on a date. Depending on this, you can devise a strategy. The more domestic preparations you have, the more confident you will feel in practice.

Consider your image. Your clothes and hairstyle should match the place and occasion on which you meet with interesting individuals. Daytime appropriate things, designed in a casual style, and in the evening, especially when going to a restaurant or theater, you can afford something more elegant. The confidence that you look good will help you to cope with anxiety before a date.

Proper installation

A lot of your behavior depends on how well you relate to themselves. Self confidence and proper self-esteem will help you overcome unnecessary anxiety before the meeting. If your self-esteem has not reached the desired level, engage auto-training and repeat to myself positive affirmations. They will help you get started.

It is also important to adequately treat the person with whom you had a date. How could you not like this young man or this girl do not lose your head. It's just a meeting with the same imperfect individual, just like you. No need to put yourself below and idolize the person with whom you are going to meet. Know their own worth.

Useful this strategy: try to treat the person as just a friend. Be in first place sincere interest of the individual girl or guy. Try your best to know the individual who is beside you, ask questions about life, work, studies and future plans. Don't take vis-a-vis solely as a sex object and do not think that you will succeed in the future. Then the added stress will go away. And go to flirt you will be able later.

Remember all of his victories on the love front. Play in memory of those who were crazy about you. Look at yourself through the eyes of the girls or young guys who you liked or like. To talk on a date about how wildly popular you have members of the opposite sex, not worth it. But to keep this information in mind for more confidence in its simplicity sometimes is.
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