You will need
  • - liquid;
  • - Breakfast;
  • - parsley;
  • - mint;
  • - coffee beans;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - chewing gum.
To get rid of the fumes and hangovers, drink cabbage brine. Besides him, remove toxins from the body will help the village milk. The store will also work, but will make things worse. Drink as much liquid as possible. Cool mineral water and fresh juices are also excellent deduce harmful substances from the body. The more toxins will come out, the less you smell of booze.
Eat a full Breakfast. To cope with the fumes will help oatmeal, citrus and parsley. Perhaps because of your hangover you won't want to eat, but it needs to be done. Muted scent will help fruit and creamy ice cream, nutmeg and walnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios. You can mask the smell of stale garlic and onions (but these flavors are no better!).
Chew grains of roasted coffee, parsley root, clove Bud, Bay leaf, sprigs of lemon balm or mint. Before use, pour one of these products with sunflower oil. Then rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth mint toothpaste. Can gargle with a strong solution of salt. Take advantage of mint chewing gum.
To temporarily speed up metabolism and remove toxins faster from the body, do exercise in the fresh air, if health permits, set up the run. 10-15 minutes of exercise should suffice for the partial elimination of toxins. Strengthen metabolism you can use a hot bath.
Few minutes contrast shower will help you cool off. Use warm and cool water, carefully RUB yourself with a towel. Wear only clean, fresh clothing, or the smell of yesterday's outfit reveals. Send it to the Laundry. Before operation, use a freshener for the mouth. Well interrupted by the smell of booze and some candy.
Take Valerian, tincture of Valerian or motherwort. These tools will tame the smell. You can use special drugs to help get rid of fume. Such products are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies. Give preference to pharmacy drugs, they are more expensive, but more efficient.