You will need
  • - "Antipolitsay",
  • - chewing candy or gum with fruity odor
  • - coffee beans
  • - a little flax and walnuts,
  • Sol
  • - Bay leaf, nutmeg or cloves,
  • - seeds.
Try to start the morning with gymnastics, as exercise will help to bring some toxins through perspiration, consequently smell of alcohol will decrease slightly. Drink loads after a large amount of fluid (not alcohol), so your liver and kidneys will be much easier to cope with an alcoholic toxins.
Well-established tool in the form of tablets that can be purchased in almost every pharmacy – "Antipolitsay". This drug will help eliminate unpleasant smell of alcohol on his breath. In the "Antipolitsay" includes only natural ingredients that can clean your breath.
And that's menthol or mint chewing gum is able on the contrary, aggravate the situation. Since, mingling with the smell of tobacco and alcohol, it will only exacerbate the odor. The best effect in this plan will give chewing gum or candy with fruit flavor.
Coffee bean since ancient times are considered proven and effective method of getting rid of the smell of alcohol and fume. To do this, take a few grains of roasted coffee and chew well before you leave home. Do not forget to take a little bit of grains, as the effect does not last long, only thirty minutes.
As you know, after drinking a serving of alcohol starts to separate acetaldehyde, which causes bad breath. In this issue well established flax oil and walnuts. It envelops the mucous membrane of the esophagus, stomach and mouth, it's enough to drink one tablespoon of oil.
Dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water, one teaspoon of salt and thoroughly rinse your mouth with the prepared solution. And the smell of alcoholic beverages is not gone, it is enough to chew a few leaves of Bay leaf, cloves or nutmeg.
And, of course, don't forget to have a hearty Breakfast, as neither one of these methods will not help if the stomach is completely empty. This is better suited sour soup, Solyanka or rassolnik, they not only help eliminate odor, but will save you from the attack of a hangover. Parisite a handful of sunflower seeds.