You will need
  • - Coffee beans
  • - "Antipolitsay",
  • - Bay leaf,
  • - lemon,
  • - vinegar,
  • - seeds.
Roasted coffee beans are one of the most proven and effective methods to get rid of the smell of alcohol. For this enough before leaving the house to chew a few grains of roasted coffee and to grab another, along with you, the smell of coffee soak up the alcohol for a while, for thirty minutes.
Virtually every pharmacy and supermarket, you can buy tablets that have a peculiar name "Antipolitsay". This tool completely eliminates bad breath. It consists of only natural ingredients, can purify your breath due to the absorption of molecules of odorants. But, unfortunately, the majority of employees of traffic police well-known smell of "Antipolitsay", so you should not get behind the wheel if you don't have full confidence that the breathalyzer will not show the presence of alcohol in the body.
Mint candy or gum is to reject immediately, as after its use there is a strong smell of alcohol mixed with mint. In this case, you will not be able to hide the smell of alcohol, and only will give him more.
Take a few leaves of dried Bay leaf. Take them in your mouth and chew well, of course the taste is bitter and unpleasant, but worth it. You will be surprised how quickly the smell of the fumes disappear completely. To remove the finish Lavrushka, can chew fruity gum or eat candy.
All of the above methods can be ineffective in case, if you tightly have not had Breakfast. Before you leave home try to eat one of the following dishes: soup, sour soup, or stew. A hearty Breakfast will help not only to cope with the smell of alcohol, but also partially relieve hangover.
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add a few drops of vinegar. This mixture rinse your mouth. This procedure helps to restore the microflora of the oral mucosa. Also a good option are considered to be the roasted seeds that need to chew sufficient.