You will need
  • - citric acid or lemon;
  • coffee;
  • - sunflower oil, walnut and Flaxseed;
  • - "Antipolitsay", "Antipohmelin", "Alcohol".
To kill the smell of alcohol will help sunflower or olive oil, after all its causes happen to be pairs, so, enveloping the stomach wall sheeting, oil temporarily blocks their selection. The effect lasts a maximum of ten minutes. Take one tablespoon, but the effect is temporary.
Try to "seize" the smell of alcohol. Using this method, you can reduce the amount of emitted aldehydes, because they are the cause of the smelland the most part excreted through the mouth. The food is not clean, and will simply reduce the amount of emitted aldehydes. One of the common remedies for the elimination of fume - walnut oil or linseed oil, they envelop the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. Also pour a glass of boiled water and pour into it one teaspoon of salt, after a good rinse and the smell will be dulled. Take a few leaves of Bay leaf and chew them well, the feeling of breath will disappear.
Use special tools to ingestion of alcohol, for example, if you know what to give up booze will fail and tomorrow behind the wheel or responsible for meeting. There are a wide variety of drugs that reduce the absorption of alcohol and eliminate its harmful effects. These funds belong to the group of hepatoprotectors. "Alcohol will help you in this situation.
A few drops of ammonia dissolved in a glass of water and drink. This tool will not only save you from odorand alcohol, but perfectly sober. Apply gently and not more than four or five drops, otherwise you may get a chemical burn of the esophagus and stomach.
Drink one ampoule of vitamin B12. Well beats the smell of alcohol. Remember that after drinking this amount is not to drink and smoke for one hour.
Drink strong coffee, brewed in Turk better, and not soluble. You can chew a few coffee beans. Perfectly masks the unpleasant smellI.
Try the special funds that are aimed at removing syndromes hangover and discomfort associated with it, such as "Antipolitsay" or "Antipohmelin". In their composition are vitamins and citric acid. For some time will help to disguise the smell of alcohol.