You will need
  • lemon, vinegar, nutmeg, roasted coffee
Drink moderately, otherwise no advice will not help you, and you will still smell like beer. For the use of beer in high doses, guarantees for the morning such a terrible thing, as fume. It should be noted that the alcohol that was in our body is highly toxic, turning into acetaldehyde. Many people it is considered to be the cause of the intoxication. Morning fumes, in fact, and there is a smell of acetaldehyde. The human body already contains a certain amount of this substance – without it, oxygen is not absorbed by the cells. Beer – the beverage people, and the people long ago came up with many recipes how to get rid of the smell of beer.
Squeeze into Cup the juice of half a lemon, add two drops of vinegar. Rinse mouth with this mixture, but do not swallow. This should restore the microflora of the salivary glands in a few minutes. Chew a bit of nutmeg or a few grains of roasted coffee. Or put under the tongue a pinch of dry green or black tea. They say if you chew fennel or Bay leaf, it can also help. Or simply click seeds.
Take valocordin, Valerian, validol or pyridoxine. Take Antipolitsay" if the beer fumes are not very strong.
Chew gum, not minty, which only adds to the unpleasant smell.
Eat a big supper. Best Breakfast in such cases, are the traditional Russian sour soups: rassolnik, soup, soups. Their wonderful feature is that the refrigerator that any of the above is always there. And they can be eaten cold. In contrast, there are southern specialities such as Armenian khash (like hot jelly, which is considered the best hangover food in the world. Important plus a hearty Breakfast: it not only gets rid of the smell of beer, but it helps the hangover.
Keep in mind the famous aphorism of A. P. Chekhov, what if from diseases invented by too many drugs, it is incurable. In our case, it testifies to the individuality of each person. Meet the person who can eat enormous amounts of this heady drink, and no smell they have. While different enough to make a couple of SIPS of "light" - and horror. Scared to approach closer than a meter.