Check fire extinguisher is in accordance with the instruction manual for the person who is designated by order of the organization, trained and tested on knowledge of the device of fire extinguisher and normative-technical documents for its use.
Before the introduction of the fire extinguisher in operation guide initial inspection: inspect the exterior of the device, inspect the contents, condition of the installation site, including the possibility of free access to the fire extinguisher.
During the inspection pay attention to the presence of chips, dents, scratches on the casing, the nut and the head of the extinguisher. Check the condition of protective coatings. Manual fire extinguisher needs to be clear and understandable. The safety device must be sealed.
If the provided fire extinguisher gauge or pressure indicator, check its serviceability, availability of brands, the pressure in the gas cylinder.
Check the weight of the extinguisher, as the flexible hose and sprayer. They should not be corrosion, contamination, objects that impede the normal operation of the extinguisher.
Check the condition of the chassis of the mobile fire extinguisher and loose his body. Portable fire extinguisher shall be securely mounted on the wall or in the fire closet.
By results of check mark in the passport of a fire extinguisher, give it a sequence number that apply to the device and record in a logbook the extinguishers.
At the annual inspection a fire extinguisher carry out external inspection of the extinguisher, and inspection the installation location and approach to it. Possible selective opening of fire extinguishers to assess the condition of the filters and check the settings of the extinguishing agent. In case of mismatch of the requirements of normative documents eliminate the causes of deviations and recharge the fire extinguisher.