Extinguishing fires in electrical installations is complicated by a number of factors attendant to the fire. First, the presence of high-voltage-carrying parts, which makes impossible use of means of fire extinguishing substance which can conduct electric current. The second factor hindering the fire the presence of fire cable insulation. Cable rubber and polyvinyl chloride burn at very high temperatures and can self-ignite even after the flames downed. The question of what type of fire extinguisher to use on fires in electrical installations, should be considered taking into account the features and current state of the electrical network.

Foam and water fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers OV, TOU, ORP applicable for extinguishing fires in electrical installations are not under tension. Permission to use water and foam extinguishers can only be given on the basis of an application Manager of power grid, on which the fire occurred, about the stress with the presence of a visible gap in the switching device that feeds this site. If you are using water and foam extinguishers should direct the jet of extinguishing agent directly at the source of fire, rather than trying to extinguish the flames. The fire extinguishers are effective for containment of the fire from a distance of 1-2 meters.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

From a series of gas fire extinguishers to extinguish fires in electrical installations, under voltage, common carbon dioxide extinguishers of a series of OU. Their main advantage - low temperature of the jet of extinguishing agent to effectively knock down the flames and repair the ignition of non-ferrous metals. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers require careful adherence to safety when using them. They do not try to extinguish a fire in closed premises in order to avoid poisoning, also do not touch unprotected parts of the body to the bell, having a very low temperature.

Powder extinguishers

Powder extinguishers are most often used as the main means of fire protection in electrical installations. They effectively localize the source of fire and bring down the flames. Fire-extinguishing component in them - an inert powder which prevents access of oxygen in the hearth burning. Powder extinguishers that are marked OP, is indispensable for extinguishing cable insulation: they cover the burning material in a dense layer and prevent re-ignition. Powder extinguishers can be used in electric installations under voltage.