Not to bring the matter to the complications, one should try to remove water from the ear yourself.If the liquid got into his good ear, little reason for concern. For starters, you need to carefully RUB the hair and ears with a dry towel. Take a deep breath and hold your nose with your fingers. Then, without opening the mouth, exhale. This inside pressure will push the excess water out of your ears.The easiest way to get rid of fluid in ear is jumping on the leg, located on the side of the affected ear. The head should be held horizontally. So water will be easier to get out.Can a few minutes to lie down on the side of the patient ear. Under gravity the liquid can flow out.Drip into the ear passages 2-3 drops of vodka or alcohol. They quickly evaporate along with the liquid. In the same purposes it is possible to apply a weak solution of acetic acid or hydrogen peroxide. If no manipulations do not help in removing the water out of your ears, seek help from a specialist.In the afternoon you can feel some pain in the ear. Most likely, it's ear wax mixed with water. Sulfur tube increases in size and begins to put pressure on the nerve endings. In this case, to remove the sulfuric cork should not be alone. You can push it even deeper, or injure the eardrum. Visit the otolaryngologist. He will wash the ear canal with a special syringe.If you periodically suffer from otitis or had surgery on the ears, getting water in them should be avoided. Before bathing or washing the head, tightly close the ear canal with cotton wool soaked with a few drops of vegetable oil or baby cream. If the liquid were still in the ear, remove it using the above methods, and then insert the means of warning the occurrence of the inflammatory process (for example, boric alcohol).