You will need
  • - table of estimated cost of used cars.
Determine the table with the calculated value ofu used cars average theoretical mileage for your car.
Determine the difference between the real mileage of your car and the average theoretical mileage. If the actual mileage exceeds the average theoretical, for every thousand miles over the average mileage, use a reduction factor of 0.4%. Respectively, for each thousands of kilometers below the average mileage, use the multiplying factor of 0.2%.
For example, the actual mileage exceeds the average on 30 000 km: 30*0,4=12. At the cost of the vehicle 500 000 thousand Russian rubles taking into account the reduction coefficient of the real price of $ 440 000 rubles (500 000-500 000*0,12=500 000-60 000=440 000).
In the table find the cost of the desired machine brand new model without any options, and the cost of a new model of this machine equipped with options.
Calculate what percentage of the cost options from the cost of the car. Calculate the cost of a used car including the cost of options. For example, the cost of a new car is
500 000 thousand Russian rubles, and the cost of the same car, equipped with options – 600 000 rubles. The cost of the options is 20% (600 000-500 000=100 000; 100 000/500 000*100=20%). Accordingly, if the used machine of this model without options worth 300,000, then with options it will cost 360 000
(300 000+300 000*20/100=360 000).