However, often there are cars whose mileage is several times less than the specified value. The owners attribute this miracle to the fact that the car practically has not been used and been sitting in the garage. So eloquent assurances of the seller, induce to think that he is lying. How twisted mileage? Actually a lot of ways.

1. When the odometer is mechanical type, remove a small cable, located on the speedometer, then turn in the opposite direction, for example, using a drill or screwdriver. After a certain period of time the car will lose a few thousand kilometers.

2. Often skilled dealers dismantled the control panel and twist the testimony manually. If the odometer is automatic, you have to connect to the computer, then disassemble the panel. In rare cases, resort to prepaymania system.

So, why twist the mileage? After all sometimes it is done not only to reduce but also to increase score. The car, the mileage of which reached the mark of 100 thousand in km should pass MOT. He will have to pay a large sum. So twisted, so a simple way to confirm the passage. This kind of demonstration of consumer benefits, because the future owner won't have to spend extra money.

How to identify fraud with the mileage? The mechanical odometer device made in the form of a dial which you can see the reels with the numbers. If these values are crooked, so there were held certain manipulations. Is to look closely at the cable. If there was evidence of loosening the nuts on the mount, most likely, doubts are justified. Not to be mistaken, possibly check trust an experienced person. When an electronic odometer, the most accurate answer will give experts a HUNDRED. If you have doubts in honesty of the seller, you need to visit the service and ask them to run a diagnostic.

In addition, there are many signs that clearly indicate the twisting of the mileage. Should be forced to guard worn-out brake discs, worn steering wheel, worn pedals (pads). A lot can tell the machine shop. Usually the car has seen a lot, there is a sagging driver's seat. The age of the vehicle gives the old upholstery, worn buttons and labels.

Sometimes it helps to check the engine compartment, where you can see the stickers that leave a HUNDRED experts after repair. Inspect the windshield, the date of its production, which must coincide with the marking on the remaining glass. When the car passed more than 100 thousand km on his windshield still scratches from the wipers. If glass glare is likely to have polished it to remove the traces of time.

It makes no sense to check the mileage on appearance of the body. If the car was used as taxi, then she can show and 200 thousand km, while the exterior will be new. Experts advise to carry out diagnostics of the machine in any way. When something makes you doubt machine for sale, it is best not to buy.