You will need
  • - vehicle information;
  • - inspection of the vehicle;
  • - ads in Newspapers or on websites;
  • calculator.
Try to determine the value of the auto with the correction table. To do this, find out the year of manufacture of the machine and calculate its age with precision up to a year. Then look at the speedometer to determine mileage. When buying a car remember that many dishonest owners and dealers artificially lower mileage, using a special device, so make sure to verify the truth of the testimony with the help of indirect evidence (wear, condition of body, engine, etc.).
Find out the cost of a new car for your brand, this take a look at the website of the manufacturer, or call the sales center. If these are the models already out of production, ask the price of a similar car.
Find in the table the correction factor and multiply by it the cost of a new car, you will get the approximate price of a used car. Of course this number is approximate because it ignores many important parameters.
To learn more accurately the price, use free online calculators. Enter in the proposed cell, the name of the car, year of manufacture, information about the state of the body, additional options and be offered the approximate price of the car.
Additionally, view the announcement of the sale of such vehicles on sites or in Newspapers. With their help adjust this value due to the market demand for certain models may overestimate or underestimate the calculated price.
If you want to know the price of the car taking into account the technical condition (chassis and body), go to a service station. For a small price specialists will tell you all the flaws and determine whether the car is in accident or painted, require some repairs, replaced the parts of the body and other important details that affect value.