If you suspect that the mileageand on the dashboard of a car does not correspond to the real, note the position of the numbers. They should be smooth and placed in a straight line and not jump up and down. This is useful if the speedometer is mechanical.
Pay attention to the device when the vehicle is moving. If the numbers of the speedometer are twisted unevenly, it is also a symptom of unrealistic mileageand the car.
Look at the wheel. From our experience, the leather steering wheel has worn through approximately 130,000 kilometers of mileageand the plastic starts to deteriorate earlier. So, if you show the car, on the speedometer which is only 80 000 km mileage, and the wheel of the entire wiped, then you can safely assume that the data of the speedometer were twisted.
Also, pay attention to the pedal, which, as a rule, be erased, too, with great mileage, the more mileage, the more they are erased.