Their responsibility in road traffic, the vehicle owners must insure. Really protects only voluntary car insurance CASCO. Different insurers price CASCO differ. It happens that on a similar program in an insurance company to purchase a hull can be twice cheaper than at another firm.
You should know that the price of insurance depends on the brand and features of operation of the vehicle, as well as from the insurance company. In determining the price of car insurance in hull take a certain percentage of the cost of the machine itself. Before you choose a condition, you must specify a percentage, because it varies on different machines: truck 3%, for used cars up to 14%.
In our country the car can hijack any and every, so find out the dependence of % on the hull to the degree of postulasti machine. For example, according to statistics steal every second Audi A6. The risk group also includes Passat and Volkswagen Golf, Fields, Dozens, etc.
Many companies determine the risk of the car's value, on the one hand it is logical, but from the point of view of the establishment of "risk" (probability of insured event) — not justified.
In addition, you need to ask depends on whether the % on the hull from the "age" machine" and thus will pay for the repair/replacement of spare parts as for new parts, or as used for.
Also try to find out, does the price of car insurance for hull age and experience of the driver. For advertising purposes, some companies perform discounts to car owners with children, or Vice versa, if the woman behind the wheel, then apply the multiplying factors.
Given all these tips, the cost of the hull of your car you will be able to count when completing the questionnaire and comparing rates, choose for themselves the most appropriate option.