If you want to estimate the cost new of the vehicle (i.e., who is only a year or two), then use for the calculations a fixed rate. It is usually 10-25 % of the market value of the car that is currently in effect. For example, if you bought a car that cost 250 thousand rubles and proekspluatirovat it only six months, its value at the time of calculation will be approximately 220 thousand rubles.
If the car is older than three years and the warranty period is over, then count the cost of the cars need for other coefficients. Immediately can the market value of the throw 25 %. Then add more and decrease performance. These include the technical condition of the car, the condition of the engine. These indicators are calculated in the following way. Assess the condition of all systems of the car on a scale where 1 is excellent and 5 is very bad. Want to get a result, close to reality? Evaluate critically. Then multiply the results by 5 %. And it will be an additional disadvantage to the 25 % that you already did. This provision is important to calculate as running gear and engine.
In the same way evaluate the condition of the body. Only the resulting numbers are multiplied by 3 %. If you add up all the resulting values can be reset with the value of the car from 30 to 60 %.
You can also estimate the approximate cost of the car indirectly. Examine the list of suggestions on the market and demand. It can be done, leafed through specialized periodicals or having studied the proposals in such sites as, Determine the average value, which is set in mass sales similar to your car. So you can get an idea about how much approximately could cost you your car.
To assess the car you can also and with the help of intermediaries. To do this you need to collect a package of documents which includes title, certificate of registration of the vehicle (TC) data for inspection of the car, mileage, details of the owner (passport) description the purpose of the evaluation and the date before which you want to spend. All these papers bring to the firm that performs independent assessment of the vehicle and will calculate the estimated value of your car with almost 100 % accuracy. On average this assessment takes 1-2 days. This service is from 1500 to 3000 rubles, depending on the type of machine.