A signs of gallstones are bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, heaviness on the right under the ribs. But if he can clog the vessel, often the pain is greatly enhanced. Known cases when sufficient width of the duct allowed a small stone to fall into the lumen of the intestine. The attack takes place.
To diagnose and treat gallstones is a gastroenterologist. Administered ultrasound, x-ray with contrast, endoscopic retrograde stresses. Prescribed diet consisting of 5-6 meals a day, this excludes all fatty, fried, spicy, chocolate, and soda, alcohol, spicy seasonings. Shown to consume vegetable and low-fat dairy products.
Prescribe medications that dissolve the stones (and henodeauxiholeva ursodeoxycholic acid). Treatment usually lasts more than a year. Also use physical methods that destroy the stones, for example, lithotripsy using shock waves. Effective method, but only with stones measuring up to three inches. They are destroyed by wave action and removed from the body with feces.
In a situation when the therapeutic method is insufficient for getting rid of gallstones, use of surgical treatment. There are two methods of such treatment. Classic wide incision and removal of diseased gallbladder. This leaves a seam length of about ten centimeters, the postoperative period is quite long. Another method is laparoscopy. Point small holes, the operation is performed with special equipment and as a result, a quick and easy recovery, which lasts up to five days.