Protective mask must be worn when there is a risk of infection. This is the place where a large number of people (hospitals, clinics, public transport) during disease outbreaks.
To many the question is - which side to wear the mask? There is no difference, but usually wear masks colored side out, white - to-face.
The mask must be worn carefully, so that it is tightly closed mouth and nose, and gaps between face and mask as small as possible.
Try not to touch wearing the mask. If you touched the mask during its removal, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol remedy.
As soon as you feel that the mask has become damp, wet immediately change it for a new one. The fact that the rapid saturation of the filter with moisture of the exhaled air on your pores and reduces the area of the filter, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the mask. In addition, clogged filter pores are a good breeding ground for settled in they bacteria! Typically, the mask is no more than 2-4 hours.
Not allowed to mask themselves on the neck or in the pocket in between her wearing. Also do not use a second disposable mask.
Used medical mask should be immediately discarded. It should be done, holding her ties or elastics.