Advice 1: How to sew a kangaroo

If earlier children went in carriages, but now the progress reached slings and backpacks "kangaroo". In these devices the child can freely "hang" on the mother, freeing her hands. Well, if mom loves to sew, she probably will not go to the store for "kangaroo"and will take over the sewing itself.
How to sew a kangaroo
You will need
  • square meter thick fabric (canvas, denim);
  • - batting or thin foam sheet;
  • - tight lining for the back of the baby (thick cardboard);
  • - 1 meter of elastic bands;
  • - 2 meter piping;
  • - 2 fastening buckles.
To find you need three parts: top strap, bottom strap and the seat. Initially, it is best to make these items made of paper or tracing paper. It became extinct and check, and then to translate them into fabric. The top strap is a strip of fabric with a length of 100-120 cm and 3 cm wide in the Middle of the width of the upper webbing and more – 12 see To it you will need two parts. The lower strap shall be less than the upper: 95-100 cm, width 9 cm For it you will need one detail. The seat should submit a panel 50 x 30 cm with rounded top ends. Just need two parts. For all patterns be sure to add 2 cm for seams.
How to sew <strong>kangaroo</strong>
Cut out parts of the seat fold wrong side, lay a dense layer of batting, sew the seams, leaving one side unsewn. To the batting kept safer and the seat looked more beautiful, one seat to stitch together with padding in a few lines - in the form of a rhombus, the cells or stripes. In the back, insert a piece of cardboard or thin foam rubber. Two parts for the upper straps will also attrocites a few lines. Seat panel with bias binding, pasting gum. The gum attrocity zigzag, not zastraivaya lower sections. Top baste the strap at a distance of 8 cm from the top edge of the seat. The middle of the bottom of the strap sew to the bottom of the seat. After 2 cm from the seat baste gum.
Then find some triangles. They will need to sew the points of contact of the straps with the seat so baby's weight tore the seams on the backpack, and the baby fell. For starters baste the triangles to the fabric. They carefully fold the edges so that sections could be seen, and sew the edge of each triangle. Then do a couple of lines inside the triangle. Now your straps securely fastened.
How to sew <strong>kangaroo</strong>
Sew the straps to the buckle and buckle the straps on the back. Zipper buy the most reliable. Check in the store how they work and operate, if at all.
The back of the backpack, decorate with applique. And you can in advance (even on a piece of cloth) to sew roomy pockets. Wet wipes, water bottle, spare diaper is never too much while walking with the baby.
The top strap should be placed several layers of padding, otherwise the webbing will start to bump you in the shoulder.
Useful advice
The pattern you can find on the Internet.
For the decoration of backpack can be purchased decal.
If you put the seat rigid backrest frame, he should be the growth of the baby from the sacrum to the crown.

Advice 2 : How to sew a kangaroo for the baby

Backpack-kangaroo — very practical thing for parents. It allows you to move freely with the baby in places where it is very difficult to use the stroller. And hands always remain free.
How to sew a kangaroo for the baby
You will need
  • - dense fabric;
  • - belt strip;
  • - clothesline;
  • - foam;
  • - thick cardboard;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • - 2 large flat buttons;
  • - REP tape;
  • - elastic webbing;
  • - 8 plastic or metal ring;
  • - sewing supplies.
Make pattern kangaroo. The front part of the backpack resembles panties. Take a square with sides of 45 cm In the lower part with both sides, draw lines for holes for the legs. Height — 18 cm, width at the bottom of 10 cm.
Pattern the rear of the kangaroo is a trapezoid. The lower side of which is 30 cm, top 8 cm and a height of 60 cm at the Bottom part, draw 4 tuck width of 4 cm, a height of 5-6 cm. Position them equal distance from each other.
Similar parts will have plenty of foam and cotton fabric. Cardboard make a detail for the back.
On the back of the backpack will astrocyte tuck. The joints were strong, lay in 2 lines. Fold the front and back right sides to each other, aligning the bottom sections and sew them. Similarly schaute parts from foam and cotton fabric.
Store details in the following sequence: the lining of cotton fabric wrong side up, then the foam, the cardboard element for fixing the backrest and base part of the dense fabric. Combine all the slices, once cut and finish the edges reps ribbon, folded in half.
The upper cut panties bend on the wrong side of 4-5 cm and prostrochite kulisku. Make 2 lines. One close to the outlet, the second at a distance of 2.5 cm from the top edge. Insert in the resulting 2 cut drawstring elastic tape.
To the lower part of the back kangaroo sew a belt with a length of 0.5 m. Attach 2 rings on each side. To the top of the backpack, sew 2 straps length of 0.5 m and attach to the underside of each of them for 2 rings. At a distance of 5 cm from the edge of the handle loop for the clasp.
Cut 2 pieces of belt strip with a length of 1.4 m each. Thread them through the rings on the straps of the backpack and lock. To the top of the front sew 2 flat buttons. Backpack kangaroo is ready.
You can make a backpack and soft. For this element of Board is not vsuite in the basic design, and sew to the back pocket and insert cardboard for fixing the backrest of the child as necessary.
Useful advice
When wearing the baby on her back crossed straps in front and pass them through rings on the belt and tie a knot. If you want to carry your baby in front, on the contrary, crossed straps on back, fix them through the rings on the belt and tie in back.
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