On a mechanical watch there is always a special "wheel" with which to set the time. If it is a manual mechanical watch, it needs a little pull forward and turn the hands clockwise until the digit that you need. If the clock shows seconds, to put a more accurate time you can use the radio or television, that is, synchronize its clock with the clock of the radio station, this will need to wait for the announcement time. After the desired time has been selected, the "wheel" need to be put back exactly at the time of signal transmission time.

Many people think that to set the time on a digital clock is how to understand the computer. In fact, these devices have a special menu and it is possible to set the time. Just need to find the button that is responsible for time, and click it follow the instructions from the clock. Usually after pressing the button, which is responsible for the time digits start flashing, then it's time to start. You need to press a button and the numbers will continue to be rotated, set the time and press a special button (see the instructions) to lock it.