The optimum temperature of drinking whiskey is considered to be 16-18 degrees Celsius, but the air in the room is usually warmer so the drink heats up quickly and allows you to enjoy all the richness of taste and aroma. Often to resolve this problem, use regular ice, but it melts quickly in the glass and leaves a connoisseur of whiskey 2-3 minutes for pleasure. After that, the melt water changes the taste and strength of whiskey. That is why as the cooler is used the innovation as the stones for drinks.
Remove the rocks to cool from the packaging. These cubes are made of steatite (soapstone) or shungite – environmentally friendly rocks, odorless and tasteless and do not react with other substances. Stones can have sharp or rounded edges with a length of approximately 2 cm, their faces are usually polished to a Shine. In gift sets cubes often decorated with engraving.
Wash the whisky stones under running water to remove dust or other impurities. Dry them with a towel. Place the stones for a drink in the freezer for 2-3 hours.
Place the stones for whiskey in a glass with a thick bottom at the rate of 2-3 cubes per serving of the beverage. At high temperature, their number can be increased. Pour whiskey into a glass and start to enjoy how as it cools the drink and gives reveals new flavors and aroma. Some spirits lovers prefer the rocks steel ice – sealed metal container filled with water. Their heat capacity is higher so they cool faster in the freezer and cool the liquid in the glass. However, connoisseurs think that this fixture gives the drink a metallic taste. In addition, due to a sharp cooling taste of whiskey poorer, is closed.
Rinse the cubes for whiskey with water after use. Wipe dry. Keep the stones for chilling drinks out of reach of children in container, or in special canvas bags. Do not use them in shakers for mixing drinks.
Use the whisky stones, to prepare a refreshing cocktail or cool the juice. If you want coffee for a long time kept the temperature, place two dice in the microwave, heat them for a minute and put in a mug with a drink. Do not take stones hands, because they're very heated.