In the game, leading can be both the child and one of his parents. In the latter case, the child may offer to become an assistant leader. Write pre-job for the game that you will need to give the participants, and divide the game into three successive stages followed by the finals and super-game.
In advance think of the analogue of the drum, which should turn the players – for example, raschertite on the sector of a circle of cardboard, paint it and write in each sector figures, as well as select which means obtaining a guaranteed prizes.
Put in the center of the field a small bottle, covered by foil or any other shiny paper – kids need to twist it until the neck of the bottle will not point to the sector of the field. Jobs that you can imagine for children, must somehow relate to the birth of the child and questions and answers should unite in the theme of the birthday.
Prepare prizes for the children participating in games and pick up some of the more valuable gift for your child. Together with the child decorate and fill a "Studio" in which to take the game – hang the logo of the game, the balloons and tape, install a scoreboard that will open the guessed letters.
You can start the game already at the Banquet table – invite the children to pull pieces of paper with the drawing of lots to determine who will participate in the first three players who will enter the game with the following commands.
When children will fall while playing on the sector with caskets, offer them prizes that they can pull out of your own box or any box. Every child before to guess a letter of the hidden word, shall be submitted and congratulate the happy birthday.