To send an email with your puzzle or a crossword puzzle: Create an original crossword puzzle or rebus. Better that it was something unusual, not just a sheet with riddles. You can weave the crossword beaded, or cut it on a piece of wood. The more original it will look completed the puzzle, the more chances you have to get to the transmission. Besides the rebus in the letter write about yourself, it is best to do it in a humorous way, but it is possible and usual. Be sure to write your valid data and a little about your Hobbies and activities. Please attach your photo and send it all to the address: 127000, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva street, 12, the program "Field of Miracles".
Fill out the form on TV:Visit the Museum of the program "Field of Miracles". The Museum displays all the gifts to Leonid Yakubovich brought in from the participants. There is a special application form by filling which you make application for participation in the program. Be careful when filling out the form, provide accurate and reliable data, as well as a contact phone number where you can be reached. Visit the Museum any day, not forgetting to purchase a ticket at the entrance.
To participate in SMS-quiz:Send a message with the word BOX to the short number 6800. You will be asked to SMS a quiz in which they answer the proposed questions. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will be able to participate in the show. Just don't forget to ask your operator the cost of outgoing messages to this number.