Types of hormones are many, they are all necessary, but they have their own hierarchy. Among the main – stimulating hormone. He gives the command the thyroid gland produces other hormones: thyroxine and triiodothyronine. They are all dependent on the processes of synthesis and decomposition of substances, development of cells.
But the thyroid gland requires "raw materials" - iodine. Russia is actually a country of iodine deficiency. This trace mineral lacking everywhere, and 30 mountain, plain and the Northern regions it is almost not at all.
The thyroid gland is forced to produce less of the hormones and hypothyroidism develops. People much gains weight, becomes hypertensive, falls into a severe depression.
For the female body especially important hormones of the reproductive system. So, if low levels of progesterone, often have inflammatory diseases, and pregnant women, it is difficult to bear a child.
Its formulation promotes luteinizing hormone. Together with progesterone they provide the normal menstrual cycle. When the level of luteinizing hormone is low, it is broken, lost appetite, a woman much thinner or, paradoxically, gains weight.
Pregnancy and childbirth together with progesterone to control the estrogen. Due to their low-level often delayed or stopped menses, falling of sexual activity. In addition, always hungry, coarse voice, actively growing hair, and they can turn black without any colors.
The synthesis of estrogens contributes to follicle-stimulating hormone. He manages the activities of the ovaries, accelerating the maturation of oocytes. With its lack in women often irregular menstruation, genital infections.
If nursing mothers have little milk, it overcome thirst and severe sweating, the body is most likely lacking prolactin. This hormone comes to the fore in the formation of the breast, breast-feeding.
Figure antimullerian hormone it is important to check the young women when planning a pregnancy. If it is low, it is difficult to conceive even with in vitro fertilization. For women, centenarians and middle-age, it's a possible sign of the onset of menopause in the coming years.
Menopause – the period of the extinction of female reproductive organs on the background of hormonal changes of the whole organism. The period is long, often very painful, as it was accompanied by headaches, "hot flashes", insomnia, dizziness, tremors in the extremities. Can develop neuroses, diabetes, hypothyroidism, cystitis, heart disease.
For the male body, the king and God of the hormone testosterone. Its content in blood decreases with age and leads to loss of sexual activity disorders of erection, impotence. In addition, the increased amount of estrogen. They have men to "melt" the muscles and increases the fat, it gains weight on the female type, becomes irritable, as exhausted nervous system.
Melatonin, the sleep hormone. His production is getting smaller, and, in addition to insomnia, this deficit turns into diseases of the heart, blood vessels, fall in immunity, depression. In addition, the lack of melatonin causes hyperactivity, aggressiveness during various manias, phobias.
Finally, there are those wonderful hormones: endorphins, serotonin, dopamine. They are called hormones of joy and happiness. They help the body resist stress, give emotional stability, mood. And when shortages appear headaches and depression. But it is always good when reduced levels of cortisol – a stress hormone.