The two main hormones in a woman's life are responsible for the reproductive function of estrogen and progesterone. They provide the origin of the ovum and its maturation and prepare the body for possible pregnancy.
The first half of the menstruation is marked by estrogen, which is responsible in female body for femininity: adds beauty, energy, sexual attractiveness and health. Its maximum effect on the body occurs in the period of ovulation. After ovulation the amount of estrogen begins to decrease, and it is replaced by progesterone. So bristling a fountain of emotions is replaced by the calm judgment, and desire to rest.
Progesterone is responsible for placement and acceptance" of a fertilized egg. High progesterone reaches before the menstruation, and then life for someone turns into a living hell. As a result, in the critical days of the amounts of these two hormones is reduced to a minimum so that our energy goes and drops our mood.
When hormonal disorders is developing cellulite. To get rid of such hormonal disorders, take a contrast shower, it will improve blood circulation, will help get rid of cellulite, but due to the alternating effects on the skin, contribute to cell renewal and a more active metabolism.
Active lifestyle anti-hormones. Every day walking up and down the stairs for half an hour. This exercise will help to get rid of the hormones, if you going to keep it at least a few months. In addition, it will help you to get rid of excess weight.
Drink plenty of water, it will also help to bring the hormones. Drink a clean water, not tea, juices or coffee, because these drinks also contain chemical elements.
Hormones do not accumulate, but simply when ingested, disintegrate into chemicals which then can be deduced. It is necessary to cleanse the body. Can help medications, such as Hafeel and Lactofiltrum, but they should be used after consultation with a doctor.