Adrenaline - a hormone that is produced from chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla and has an effect on the human nervous system. It occurs during a severe fright, stress, extreme situations. On the one hand, it excites the nervous system, increases concentration and speeds up mental activity, and with another - increases blood pressure, negatively impact on heart rhythm. Therefore in small quantities it is helpful for the body hormone. First, in moderate doses, it increases mental activity and brain activity, which is important for people engaged in mental activities. Second, adrenaline is a hormone antiallergic, inhibiting inflammation processes in the body. However, the overabundance of this substance leads to cardiovascular diseases and other undesirable consequences.
One of the factors contributing to the decrease in the level of adrenaline is exercise. Man, have experienced severe stress, you should exercise, do morning exercises and lead an active lifestyle. In addition, lowering the level of this hormone helps good music, watching your favorite TV shows and even a piece of delicious cake. However, one should not forget that "seizing up" stress can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, sweets should be consumed in moderation. It is best to replace them with fruits, vegetables, vitamins. With the increased level of adrenaline should not drink alcohol, to smoke and drink black coffee.
An excellent method of reducing the level of adrenaline after the stress is considered to be immersion in a fascinating and interesting work. Research psychologists have shown that people engaged in interesting work or deed, much less prone to nervous and mental diseases than others. Although completely critical situations in life can not be avoided, if a person has a favorite activity, these problems he will be easier to carry. Besides, it is very important to find support in your family, friends and acquaintances. Communicate, visit, spend time with your loved one, find time for dinner with her family.
Smile prolongs youth and life in General, and helps to forget unpleasant moments. After severe stress, try to remember a fun anecdote. Always remember that desperate situations do not happen. A little trouble try to make a joke of this - it will be easier to move the situation. And most importantly, do not worry for nothing, believe in a long happy life. The level of adrenaline is directly connected with the person's mood and fears. If the person is a pessimist and is constantly afraid of death, the levels of adrenaline he will be high. So he likes to communicate with good people, do not consume foods and beverages that increase the level of adrenaline, and worry about it don't have to.