Step one: your mind.
Man can be divided into two components: a physical body and mind. It is our consciousness, the mind directs the body. But the mind itself is run by us, and we must not forget. You need to understand and forever to realize that the mind does not always offers the correct ideas and right thinking, therefore, you must learn to filter information, selecting a major, valuable and useful.
Step one: other people's problems.
Very often people deliberately loads himself with other people's problems. This is a very negative effect on the psyche, because you have to solve not only own problems, but also to think about the difficulties of others, as well as the world global issues if not in reality then in your own mind. How to avoid it? A smaller deal with people who complain you in life. Also should avoid watching TV shows about wars, violence and crime dramas.
Step three: clouding of consciousness.
How ever vulnerable , the psyche makes use of substances which are said to cause clouding of consciousness: drugs, alcohol. In that case, if you want to not only strengthen, but always in control of my psychethat is forever refuse to accept these products.
The strengthening of the psyche