You will need
  • -dimensions of the pit
  • paper
  • -handle
  • calculator
  • -site plan with slopes
Inspect the plot develop the soil and subject to irregularities and their sizes. Minor irregularities will not have a material impact on the result of calculations, but at the same time, the inspection will allow to determine the percentage of error. The calculation of the volume of soil is to determine the volumes of various geometric figures.
Determine the length of the sides at the surface of excavation, using the formula:A1 = A+B1 2НТ = +2НТ,where A and b is the length of the sides at the base of the pit;H – depth of excavation;the T – ratio slope
Take the dimensions of the pit and determine the amount of soil according to the following formula:V = H / 6 [(2A + A1)B + (2А1 + A)B1], where h is the depth of the pit;and – the length of the sides at the base of the pit;A1 and B1 – the length of the sides on the surface of the pit.
Determine the volume of the underground part of the structure using formulas from algebra course. Then, calculate the volume of backfill sinuses of the pit. It is equal to the difference between volume of excavation and volume of the underground part of the building. The accuracy of this calculation depends on the correctness of the produced measurements of height, width and depth of the underground part of the future facility.
After all the calculations are performed and verified, you can begin excavation. It is necessary to break the area of the upper and lower contours of the pit. The correctness of the planned development is checked by the sight of the poles exhibited along the lines of the future of the pit. For competent design of the slope requires the use of special templates and other professional fixtures.