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To convert kilometers per square kilometers, it is necessary to clarify what is being measured or calculated in these units. Most likely, it will be such features as area and linear length of the object. As a rule, in such cases it is known the width of the object, and the length or area may vary within considerable limits.
To translate kilometers square kilometers in the measurement of the road, simply multiply the length of the road on its width. The width of the road previously also put in the miles. Since the road width is typically specified (measured) in meters, simply divide the width of the road (in meters) by 1,000.If the width of the road is unstable, it is put in square miles of each area having the same width. Then fold the resulting square. If high accuracy is unimportant, take as the width of the road its average width.If the road is Federal highway, find its width in the relevant handbooks (such as atlases motorists). For approximate calculations the width of the Central artery take is equal to 8 meters (0,008 km) is the average width of the route the Federal highways.
In order to know how many square kilometres and contains several kilometers of construction material (e.g., linoleum or Wallpaper), then multiply by the width of the material (converted to kilometers) of linear length, also expressed in kilometers. If the materials are supplied in rolls (pieces) of different widths, then multiply by the appropriate width running the length of each roll and fold the resulting works.