Measure the length and width of the room. Write down all measurements and you can go to the hardware store to make a purchase. Take a measuring tape or roulette do not need, the store has a special wooden meter, you'll produce all measurements the staff of the supermarket.
When buying is taken into account only the length, but the width of the material standard. So if you have the length of the room 5 meters and a width of 3, you will approach, for example, linoleum three-meter wide and five meters running. You only pay for the square footage. But remember that if the width is less, and the meter is cheaper. But to save in this way will not work, you will have to join the coverage.
Once you measure out the material, you can make some simple calculations. Multiply the length by the cost and get the amount you need to pay at the checkout.
Once you get home, estimate whether the number of feet you bought. If you miscalculated, unfortunately, you can't exchange any linoleum or carpet or other material. All products sold by meter, are not exchangeable, so be extremely careful not to buy another small piece of construction material.