You will need
  • roulette;
  • pencil and paper;
  • thread.
Remember that the perimeter is nothing but sum of the lengths of all sides of some geometric shapes. And wonderful when the room in which to perform the calculations , has the standard form, for example square or rectangle. In this case, it is sufficient to remember the school program. For example, if the room is square, calculate its perimeter , measure the length of one side and multiply the result by four. The final number will be the perimeter of your room.
Find the lengths of two adjacent walls and the sum of these numbers and multiply by two if the room is rectangular. The result is the perimeter of this room.
Measure all the straight lines and summarize the results obtained, if the room has some other arbitrary shape that is quite often found today.
Sometimes it happens that the room is round in shape. If you are sure that the room is round, measure its diameter, i.e. the distance from one point on a circle to another, passing through the center. And then use the formula in which the perimeter will be nothing less than the diameter of a circle multiplied by a constant value 3,14.
All of the above ways are correct. But here's the problem – not always the premises comply with all technical requirements and standards, namely, it so happens that the length of one wall different from the length of the opposite wall. For such cases, Arsenal have a very simple and effective way of calculating the perimeter of the room.
Take regular thread as long as possible, and lay it along the line of the perimeter. The place where she merges with the beginning of the reference must be noted. And then measure the resulting length. The result of this measurement will be the perimeter of your room.