You will need
  • 1. Park cars in the class (vans), consisting of at least 5 transport units;
  • 2. Base for your fleet with the capabilities of stationary machines;
  • 3. Drivers to work on the bus, the controllers, the agreement with the incoming accountant;
  • 4. Designed for your transport routes agreed with the city or the district administration;
  • 5. The license to carry out passenger transport issued by the Ministry of transport.
Sign up as an individual entrepreneur or create a legal person – passenger transport may be performed either by firm and entrepreneur. Write a business plan for the Park route, vehicle use , taxi, carefully calculate all future costs (one time and permanent) which involve full functioning of your carpool (cost of the cars themselves, car insurance, gasoline, maintenance, washing, salary of drivers and other personnel, payments on the lease, rent is base). If after that you still want to continue, then planning can proceed.
Decide which vans you will be using for your taxi (domestic "gazelles" and their foreign analogues). Purchase under the leasing scheme for at least five cars, otherwise you will be generally far beyond the threshold of profitability. Find a suitable location for the hardware base (preferably outside the city), prepare all the necessary for its effective functioning.
Start to look for drivers of minibuses, form a personnel reserve and immediately model the scheme of driving personnel in the future. In the Park usually work one or two Manager, preparing the car to travel, they too will need to hire. Bookkeeping your company will charge to professionals – you can contact the company that provide related services.
Carefully analyze the scheme of movement of public transport in the area where are going to work. Try to find it "weak spots", leaving the possibility to enter the passenger transport market. Or deliver your vehicles on existing trails or develop new ones that in your opinion can be claimed.
Gather together all the documents about your company, its taxation, the qualification of its employees, vehicles, and submit them to the Ministry of transport to obtain golitsinskiy. After receiving it, you can safely put your taxis on the routes and start to carry people.