You will need
  • 1. Testimony of the legal entity
  • 2. License to carry passengers
  • 3. The fleet of minimum 10 vehicles) or an agreement with a number of drivers engaged in private taxi driver
  • 4. The office (dispatch), equipped with a radio and multi-line telephone
  • 5. Shift managers working on a permanent basis
  • 6. Various means of advertising and attracting customers
Select one of the two paths followed, all taxi service – organization of private taxis or working with drivers who have vehicles. In the first case, of course, need initial capital, significantly exceeding the funds required for dispatch of a service that would only coordinated the taxi drivers on their own machines. But to create a recognizable "face" of the company and control the quality level of services, having your fleet, it will be easier.
Purchase or take on lease cars if you chose the first variant of the organization of the taxi service. To start can be enough just ten cars, then, of course, taxis will be expanded. So drivers have an incentive to treat your car carefully, they need to allow them to repurchase.
Organize the set of taxi drivers (with/without a personal vehicle, depending on the working principle of your taxi order service). You need to be ready to engage in a constant search for the drivers, because without the "turnover" in the taxi business can not do drivers engaging in gross violations of the rules work in your company, you will immediately be fired.
Equip office (control room) of your transport company specializing in the transportation of people. Most of the companies operating in the market of taxi-drivers, uses radio communications, which tend to buy portable radios and in cars install the radio. Naturally, it is necessary for receiving orders and multi-line phones, as well as managers on a regular basis (their number depends on the size of the firm).
Make a statement and make your company remembered. Two essential components in the advertising policy of the service – its name and phone number, both must be evident to potential customers and be stuck in their memory. Taxi advertising needs to be placed on the cars, and also, you should distribute promotional business cards or flyers, which will be underlined with a enticing to the customer of your company – "cheap taxi", "Express-taxi", "taxi for women", "VIP-taxi", etc.