Buy an auto in the set of deflectors that stick on the window. It is better to select a foreign manufacturer, due to the best quality glue compared to domestic. Ask your assistant to attach them to the frame of the door. Themselves climb into the car on the driver's seat and look in the side mirror, visor shall not block the view and interfere with normal driving. When properly installed they will be reflected at a certain angle.
Thoroughly degrease the surface of the door, removing all dirt and dust with the help of special napkins, which should be included with the deflectors. Pick up a windshield and gently pry off the protective film from the outer layer at both ends for a short distance. If you want to warm up the adhesive strip and the mounting location on the machine construction dryer – this will improve adhesive properties and increase the service life.
Attach the vent to its place, and carefully glue down the edges, step back and look at the subject of integrity. If everything is in order, pull the protective film from Mitrovica, and stick it completely. This operation is best performed with an assistant: one holds and fixes the deflector, and the second to gently remove the tape and permanently attach it to the surface. In this sequence of actions it is possible to make the adjustment of the position glue the deflector in its initial stages.
Then push the windshield out and support a few minutes. Remember that all work should be carried out in a warm room at a temperature above +10°C. the Entire installation process will take you about 10 minutes. The advantages of such deflectors is a great choice for any model of car and ease of fastening. However, there are disadvantages, the main of which is surface preparation.