You will need
  • fabric, pieces of leather, felt, fur, paper, tracing paper, magazine, book, postcard, pin,pencil, chalk, PVA glue, plastic film, iron, cord, yarn, pieces of fur, rhinestones, beads, sequins, beads.
To create an application, you can use a variety of fabrics, pieces of leather, felt, fur and paper. The created element can be of any size and color.

Prepare the subject intended for decorating. Draw a sketch or bring tracing paper from a magazine, book or postcard of any picture. Cut out the contour of all parts of the picture. The pattern is ready. Select the material for the creation of an application. The composition can be successfully combined different textures and colors.
Fabric applique.
Cut parts of the applique fabric. Fold your chosen combination of parts on the surface of the decorated object. Now you can imagine how it will look finished product. Secure the applique pins. Thinly outline each item with a pencil or a crayon.
Loosen one of the elements and apply on the wrong side of the PVA glue. Glue the item on place. Do this with all the other parts of an application. Ensure that the edges were firmly glued. Press them tight or put on top of the load so that in the future they are bent.
There is also a method of bonding tissue using plastic film. Cut from it an exact duplicate of the details. Lay the film between the decorated object and parts of an application. The details of staple pins or sew with a few stitches. Iron the design with a hot iron: first - on the front side, then the other. Ensure that the fabric is not puckered and not massed.
Decorate a composition of cord, yarn, pieces of fur. These elements stick to the PVA glue. You can also add to the application rhinestones, beads, sequins, beads.
The application of the paper.
The paper can be glued to paper, wood, plastic or metal surface. Prepare the sketch and the subject you want to decorate with applique. A thin layer of PVA glue, brush the surface of the selected product within the delineated contour. Take one detail and just cover with adhesive on the inside. If the paper is thick, take the time to glue, glue needs a bit to soak in. Wait 30-60 seconds and push the detail to the product. In the same way glue the other elements. The top blot with a soft cloth. Do this carefully so as not to damage the product. Applique is ready.

One has only to engage in the creation of an application, as it will entail a flight design thoughts and you can create many interesting things. Go for it!