What is the shortcut

The word "label" has a long history. In ancient times, the manufacturers of different types of products wanted, somehow, to denote his possession of the items and provide them with explanatory signs. Archaeologists often found during excavations of the bottle, amphora and clay vessels of wine, to which were attached the rotting pieces of skin or parchment. Such labels often had notes.

With the advent of paper explaining the labels came into wide use. At first these signs were very expensive and were used by manufacturers of luxury products and luxury items.
On the paper label it can hold much more useful and relevant information than on a piece of parchment.

Nowadays, the labels commonly used in the trade. They can be found on garments or bottles of wine. The main function of the label remained unchanged. It is usually in a compressed form carries all the important information about the properties of an object, and sometimes also serves as a marketing tool.

What does the expression "to stick a label"

As a manufacturer of exclusive products put the label on wines in the same way and people consciously or unconsciously "stick" or "hang" the verbal labels on others. For this purpose can be used a variety of epithets.
Personality assessment in the "labeling" are often emotional in nature and do not always reflect the true essence of the person to whom stick.

The person who does not want to spend my free time with a team called the Maverick. The one who builds ambitious plans that seem impossible to others, often referred to as a schemer. If a person expresses dissatisfaction and from time to time grumbling about this can say is grumpy. But the founder of the Soviet state Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin with a light hand of the famous science fiction writer Hg wells was the "Kremlin dreamer".

Usually, the idiom "to label" or "label" is somewhat condescending and disapproving tone. When someone say that he tends to hang on other labels, I mean, first of all, his desire to give other people a hasty, superficial and often not very reasonable estimate. For those who want to build with other equal relationship, based on trust and mutual respect, should be avoided in your speech such hasty epithets of stickers.