Prepare the necessary tools: pliers, screwdriver, socket head "by 24", two puller for a wheel bearing, and the other universal. Then loosen the bolts to desired rear wheel and put it in first gear. Under the front wheels install wheel chocks, then using a floor Jack raise the vehicle and place a support under the rear part. Carefully remove the rear wheel on which you want to replace.
Remove the brake drum with which will occur the disconnecting of the seal rings of the inner bearing and the inner ring of the outer bearing. Produce an extract from hub inner ring of the inner bearing, and then with a beard and a hammer knock out the outer rings of both bearings.
Thoroughly clean the inside cavity of the hub from grease and check surface for cracks, chips, wear. At the same time inspect the pads and brake mechanism. If you notice a defect, it is better to replace the damaged part. Then carefully lubricate the inside of the hub with special bearing grease.
Find mandrel or metal circle of the appropriate diameter and use it to press the outer ring into the hub. Don't forget to put in the cavity of the hub about two tablespoons of grease. Similarly, install the outer ring of the inner bearing and press the seal, after putting in place the inner ring. Remember that the seal must be changed at each removal, do not skimp on this.
Place the brake drum in its place and install the inner ring of the outer bearing. Do not forget to clean and grease the axle. Screw the washer and nut to the hubthen install the wheel and adjust the bearings.