Advice 1: How to measure growth

The growth of a person depends on many factors, the most important of which is heredity. Proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals, specific exercise and sports, such as velotta, swimming and basketball, can stimulate growth. To measure growth, you also need right – at a certain time and always with an assistant.
How to measure growth
You will need
  • Building measuring meter; partner.
For correct and accurate measurement of growth is not suitable household measuring tape that is used for the measurement of fabrics and different materials, like cloths. You will need the exact construction of the meter, the tape which is made of solid metal tape should not significantly SAG in the air.
To measure growth needs to be in a room with normal temperature, preferably not below +16...+20 C. the Measurement is performed in the morning before lunch because in the afternoon people "vtaptyvaetsya" due to the load on the vertebrae. By late evening the human body is usually 2-3 cm shorter than in the morning. During sleep, the vertebrae and the muscles relax, and growth is returning to normal.
When measuring growth, you have to stand back to smooth the wall. The feet should not be socks, and the more any shoes. Heels and socks should be kept together between the legs should not be a distance. Heel, maximum convex point of the buttocks, shoulders and upper part of the head should touch the wall. The shoulders should be straightened, the chest is not itahana, the neck should be located strictly vertically, without bending and stooping. The head also can not be lowered, you need to raise your head and look straight ahead.
Your partner needs to fix the top point of the head – the crown of the head, excluding hair, because they can add another 1-2 cm visual growth. ON the wall is marked with a pencil, then distance from the floor to the mark is measured by the construction meter.

Advice 2: How to measure the growth of the newborn

Children grow quickly, literally by the hour. Moms will understand this very soon when bathing: the bath they begin to feel less and less, and by the end of the first year of a grown up child it is difficult to fit. The growth of the baby is determined first in the hospital, and then the children's clinic at a special height chart, in the supine position. At home the growth of the newborn is also difficult to measure.
How to measure the growth of the newborn
Table move one side close to the wall. Put the baby on the table covered by a diaper. The child's head position so that it fits snugly against the wall. The legs should be straightened and lightly pressed to the table, so they lay smoothly, and the child couldn't bend. Feet should be at right angles. To crown, put a ruler or strap to feet can be applied book, and then measuring tape between them, the distance is measured.
After discharge from the hospital attend the monthly clinic, where the doctor will determine the dynamics of the physical development of your child and calculate whether it age. There are various calculation methods - one of them:
- Age;
- Optimal increase in height(in centimeters;
- Optimal weight gain(in grams);1 month (3 - 3.5 cm) - 600g
2 month (3 - 3.5 cm) - 800g
3 month ( 3 - 3.5 cm) - 800g
4 month (2.5 cm) - 750g
5 a month ( 2.5 cm) - 700g
6 month (2.5 cm) - 650g
7 month (1,5 - 2cm) - 600g
8 month (1,5 - 2cm) - 550g
9 month (1,5 - 2cm) - 500g
10 a month (1cm) - 450g
11 month (1cm) - 400g
12 month (1cm) - 350g
Baby's weight should match its growth.
Be sure to record the growth of the child at least once a month in a graph, starting with the growth at birth and then monthly figures. The average growth of the newborn is usually equal to 50.5 cm In the first three months the child grows up to 3 cm per month in the next three months by 2.5 cm, in the third quarter of the year, to 1.5 cm, the fourth at 1 cm per month. In one year the growth of the baby needs to be on average 75 cm.
Useful advice
If you wish, you can calculate the approximate future growth of the child. The calculation is based on the growth rates of parents. Fold increase father and mother, and divide the result by two. For girls the figures subtract 5 cm, for boys add 5 see For example: (160 + 190): 2 = 175. Calculation of growth for the boy 175+ 5 cm = 180 cm For girls 175 - 5 cm, it will be 170 cm.
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