You will need
  • Building measuring meter; partner.
For correct and accurate measurement of growth is not suitable household measuring tape that is used for the measurement of fabrics and different materials, like cloths. You will need the exact construction of the meter, the tape which is made of solid metal tape should not significantly SAG in the air.
To measure growth needs to be in a room with normal temperature, preferably not below +16...+20 C. the Measurement is performed in the morning before lunch because in the afternoon people "vtaptyvaetsya" due to the load on the vertebrae. By late evening the human body is usually 2-3 cm shorter than in the morning. During sleep, the vertebrae and the muscles relax, and growth is returning to normal.
When measuring growth, you have to stand back to smooth the wall. The feet should not be socks, and the more any shoes. Heels and socks should be kept together between the legs should not be a distance. Heel, maximum convex point of the buttocks, shoulders and upper part of the head should touch the wall. The shoulders should be straightened, the chest is not itahana, the neck should be located strictly vertically, without bending and stooping. The head also can not be lowered, you need to raise your head and look straight ahead.
Your partner needs to fix the top point of the head – the crown of the head, excluding hair, because they can add another 1-2 cm visual growth. ON the wall is marked with a pencil, then distance from the floor to the mark is measured by the construction meter.