You will need
  • Washing machine, new bearing, tools, bar, training on Assembly and disassembly of the washing machine.
Before you proceed to replace bearings in a washing machine, you must disconnect the machine from the mains, water and sewage.
Then, you need to drain all the water in the washing machine emergency drain, and use a screwdriver to remove the top cover from the rear wall of the housing of the machine. This will allow access to the bearings of the drum.
Next, after removing the drive belt from the drum pulley to lock the pulley. For this you can use either a wooden block.
After that, you must loosen the screw and remove the pulley drum. To perform this procedure very carefully so as not to damage the pulley.
To get the possibility of lifting the yoke and the tank cover, remove spacer bar and the counterweight.
Freeing TEN of all existing wiring, you can start unscrewing the Assembly fixture bearings. After that, removing the ground strap, you have to loosen the screw to remove the clamp. Along with the clamp, removed the seal and cover of the tank washing machine.When you perform this disassembly, it is important to monitor the integrity of the wires.
To access the bearings, you must remove the tank washing machine.
Removing the oil seal using a hammer, begin to knock out the bearing. In place of the old bearing, you need to install a new one, exactly the same. It is important to follow when you install the bearing that it went smoothly.
After the replacement, you need to collect a washing machine in the reverse order. With the need to ensure that all the detail was correct and in their places.