According to article 59 of the Labor Code, enrolled full-time can take on a permanent job. They can only sign a contract for a period lasting until the end of their training. However, given that ochniki should appear in the institution regularly, the employer is obliged to issue not full time and 05, or even 0, 25 from the working rate.
Making a contract with the student full-time, keep in mind that the Labour code does not provide for payment of educational leave for this category of students (in contrast to the correspondence students and night-school students). You can register separately in the employment contract the presence or absence of your student-worker training paid leave, citing the collective bargaining agreement or other statutory document.
The conclusion of the contract with the student is actually no different from standard procedures any other employee. Except one thing: for obvious reasons, a student is unable to provide the personnel Department or accounting diploma of specialized education. Given this, take the student only those documents that are in his hands, with the stipulation that after graduation he will have to bring your diploma or a copy of it.
The contract with the student-zaochnik must contain a guarantee of paid educational leave for the employee for the duration of the sessions. If your company is private, and Charter does not provide for such benefits, at least write a line about giving the student regular paid vacation or days without pay for the duration of the exams.