You will need
  • documents trainee;
  • - form of agreement;
  • - the form of the order on form T-1;
  • - application form for admission to work;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - seal of the organization.
Any employee, including a specialist trainee, a written statement of position. This is a mandatory document under the registration of labor relations with the employer. The statement signed by the employee (including the date). The content of the document depends on what agreement a registration trainee or student. Also prescribed a period which corresponds to the start date and the end of practice. The Director accepted the statement and initialed in accordance with the rules of office.
After certification of the statement of the Intern (student) sign a contract. If the decision of drawing up a fixed term contract, specify dates of validity. When the agreement stipulates the conclusion of apprenticeship contract, read Chapter 32 of the labour code. Be careful not to violate the rights of the student.
Legislation is allowed to create an employment contract with the student. In this case, it means continued employment in the same position, that is, in the future, you will accept the employee on the same basis.
Install a payment to the Intern (student) in accordance with the salary prescribed in staffing, if position is available in the document. You have the right to enter staff, then wages are set by agreement with the employee. Please note that the Intern has the right to perform the duties at a reduced work week. Write it in the contract.
Make an order if you received the employee-trainee fixed-term contract or employment with the student. Make a referral for student learning, if the student signed the contract.
At the conclusion of the apprenticeship contract, the entry in the workbook is not done. When preparing a fixed term contract is written, for example, as follows: "Accepted for the position of trainee assistant Manager." At dismissal of the worker-trainee entry is made on the basis of the order, which shall be made upon the expiration of the contract.