You will need
  • - Gym;
  • trainer;
  • - gloves;
  • dumbbells and barbell.
Invest in a blow to the whole weight of his body. Blow to get a lot more powerful than you expect. Regardless of how you trained or not. If you are familiar with Boxing, then you probably have heard the concept of "the athlete pushes the arm". This means that the boxer, striking, does not invest them with the weight of his body. Of course, such attacks can send the opponent in the knockout. Therefore, when applied to any strike continue forward movement of the whole body. Take a step forward or rotate the entire body around the foot.
Count not only on your muscles at impact, but also train your tendons! Many people think that the bigger the muscles, the stronger the shot. Quite the contrary – if you pump your biceps, they will not be able to dramatically straighten up and make a biting motion. Therefore, pay great attention not only to the muscle pump, but the hitch, the tendon stretches and dumbbell exercises. It is recommended to do tendon exercises on the system A. Zass.
Start your beats from the lower part of his body. When we're tired, we often feel as late legs. That is why it is extremely important to work more on leg strength. We need to send forward. If you spend a shot of the upper part of the body, you can boost the blow, as the lower part will lag behind and stop.
Include movement upon impact. This is many times increase their strength. But remember that when you begin to move any item, and then try to brake, you will inevitably fight its inertia. No need to do this at impact! Don't fight the inertia. So you should when applying impact to continue through the target without stopping at intermediate stages. Say goodbye to your blow and you will see how to increase his power!