Align the frame on the trailer frame grille body. Thus, you seek an integral body. Use the five crossbars, which locate between the traverses, in the end, get the grid platform. Make a small console releases relative to the side members.
Weld the longitudinal elements from both ends. On these elements through each cross-member install the four stands, which are carefully weld. To take the spars of rectangular tube 60*30 mm All other parts: crosshead, strut, cross member, made of a square tube 25*25 mm.
Body side hinged make that will allow you to transport long objects. The bars of the platform cover with a sheet of iron, very suitable for this dural sheet with a thickness of about 2 mm. With M5 bolts screw it to the bars and get the best flooring that will withstand quite a heavy load.
The axle beam will perform two identical segments of channels that plug into each other, weld them. At the ends of one of them pre-weld the two wheel axles. All the resulting gaps repaired with pieces of sheet steel.
From the old machine, for example, "Muscovite", and take the two springs that serve as a connecting element of the beam and the frame rails. Also, from the same car and fit the wheels for a future trailer. Drawbar-dual beam make, execute it from the same tube as the spar. Weld the rear ends of the drawbar to the front spars have a small overlap. The front ends have come together in the coupling device.
Install on the rear wall of the trailer lights marker lights, turn signals and brake lights. Connect them to the electric parts of the car by means of wires. This will help to make clear your maneuvers on the road to other road users.