Many car owners after purchase of power tillers think about whether it is possible to use existing trailer? It should be understood that these devices are substantially different. First, the trailer for the machine is not equipped with a braking system that is fraught with injury to the operator and overturning of the conveying capacity. Low-power tillers will not be able to hold a loaded trailer without brakes during the descent from the hill or when climbing on it. Secondly, trolleys two-wheel tractor comes with a seat that is needed when using the tiller as a traction means.
Clutch mechanism with power tillers are the same for all models of trailers. Therefore, the choice of the transport means you need to pay attention to his capacity, the presence of useful features, the quality of the braking system. But first and foremost you should consider the power of the tillers. Typically, the manufacturer of the trailer makes recommendations about which equipment can operate.
When choosing a cart for walking tractor should pay attention to the material from which it is made. It is a means of transporting goods can be plastic, steel or galvanized. The most reliable but also the most expensive – galvanized. The thickness of the metal is an important factor. The thin-walled truck with 2 mm sides, are unstable to mechanical stress. The numbers in the title of the trailer is misleading about its capacity.
It is preferable to buy a transport with drop sides. This function will greatly facilitate the operation. For example, it will simplify the work of procurement, transportation and unloading of hay. Even more convenient, trailers with tipping function tipping. His attachment to motoblock is designed so that allows to unload the weight limit. If the goods are bulky and heavy before you can use rollover, you need to disconnect the cultivator.
If you need a trailer with capacity of more than 350 kg, you should make sure that it is equipped with mechanical brake system. If possible, it is advisable to test it in action. This is especially important if the means for transporting goods is planned to operate on dirt roads.
The trailer can be supplied with wheels and without them. During the selection of equipment should pay attention to what hubs they come with. More durable steel, cast iron pretty quickly broken when traveling on a poor road surface. On different models of hubs are not the same, therefore, the seller need to ask about what material they are made.