The basis of the future trailerand take the fragment of the body that was cut to a length of about 2 m (from rear panel). This process should keep the rear fenders, rear panel, trunk lid, and the whole staff rear suspension.
From the original fragment and cut off the extra parts including the top panel wall of the cabin and trunk. To do so, first remove the rear fenders. Trim them to the line of the axes of the wheels and attach using the pads on the inner side of the wing.
If the original fragment has a body type "universal", you can make a quick roof to use the trailerand to transport bulky cargo. The mount will run with the bolts with wing nuts.
Rear suspension leave regular. Rear axle may be replaced by a pipe with a diameter of 60 mm with welded flange hubs, the spring seat, mounting brackets, levers, rods and shock absorbers. In other words, the pipe transfer all regular assemblies of the rear suspension.
The brake system is easier to move with trailerand industrial Assembly. This will prevent some problems at the registration trailer. Brakes you can leave the regular.
Electrical trailerconnect to the car. This will provide an outlet connector for disconnecting the trailerfrom the car. All wires and connections, check carefully sealed and tape.
Weld the drawbar of steel pipes of rectangular section. They are stronger than tubes with circular cross-section. Pole follow in the form of A-shaped lever and clip on the front side of the trailerand its frame or power elements. The pole can install the spare wheel.
Trailer hitch use a standard purchase that is suitable for the towbar using the towing vehicle. Take care of safety chains, which prevent complete disengagement of the vehicle and the trailerand in the case of disengaging the coupling node. The towball fit the hood to protect from dust and dirt. Manufacture it out of a tennis ball.
In the front of the trailerand provide a foldable stand to hold the trailerin horizontal position when disconnected from car. To facilitate docking a trailerand equip the stand with a small wheel.