You will need
  • - the car;
  • - trailer;
  • - tow bar.
For fixing of conventional trailers, there are special hitch. Therefore, when buying such supplements to the main vehicle you will see that new trailer was equipped with all the necessary components for high-quality fasteners.
For attaching the trailer to a passenger car used tow. This device is traction type, which allows you to quickly and securely attach a trailer to a car, and later no less quickly to unhook him back. In the absence in the car of marokopa it can be bought in a specialty store and be installed on the back of your car. Typically, the tow bar be attached to the body with a coupling ball. To do it right, use the supplied to the device manual or get advice in the shop. Also for equipment of your own car tow bar you can go directly to the car wash. Please note that this device must be purchased from a proven point of sale, where it issued a guarantee.
In the absence of special anchorages pachrapa in the vehicle will have to drill the slot. Then, using bolts, attach the tow bar to the car body. All of these actions should be performed only by experts-motorists.
Please note that when attaching trailer to vehicle great attention should be paid to the observance of safety rules. So before you attach a trailer, please specify, whether will sustain this load the car. Ideally, the loaded trailer to a passenger car should not be heavier than 3,500 kg.
In any case, do not use fasteners for car made in the handicraft way. Remember that only quality factory fixtures ensure safe movement.